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Photo Radar Ticket Attorneys

Nobody wants to find a speeding ticket in the mailbox. Regardless, thousands of Arizona residents have this experience every year. These  official-looking envelopes contain vehicle pictures and a letter threatening serious legal action unless you pay a fine of over $250. This can be a startling experience. Many Arizona cities use photo radar systems to detect and subsequently fine drivers. The system doesn’t always work as intended and sometimes people’s rights are violated. You have the option to contest any civil citation, including those that come from photo radar systems. If you’re worried about the consequences of a photo radar ticket and want an attorney to fight for you, give us a call.

Radar Camera Systems

Law enforcement regards these systems as effective and efficient methods to keep roads safe. Quite often though, they dish out harsh consequences to an undeserving public.

Found in vans along the side of highways or installed at intersections, photo radar systems measure the speed of cars passing by. If a motor vehicle is detected traveling faster than a specified speed threshold, the camera activates and captures images of the passing car. The data are reviewed by law enforcement and citations are issued.

When To Hire A Lawyer

A critical issue for most people is maintaining the ability to drive. A speeding ticket may put driving privileges at risk. Under Arizona’s point system, civil citations like speeding tickets are assigned a certain number of points. When a person reaches 8 points, his or her driver’s license may be suspended. Speeding tickets are assigned 3 points.

Losing a driver’s license can seriously impact a person’s personal and professional life. This is one significant reason why it may be in your best interests to get in touch with our firm to talk about photo radar defense.

Your Defense Options

You shouldn’t be forced to change careers or have your livelihood taken away because of a ticket. Unfortunately the law has this effect on many people’s lives. This can be especially true for those operating with a commercial driver’s license.

When we challenge civil citations, we bring a variety of defense tactics to bear. For instance, service of process must be properly administered. If it’s not, your citation may be void.

When you decide to challenge a photo radar ticket, let our experience work for you. Use our contact form to the right for a free case evaluation.

When you get a photo radar ticket in the mail, you have four options.

Read about your options here.